How it works

Pick 1 of the 5 regular eggs or earn 1 of 2 special eggs. Each representing an animal. Raccoon, Rhino, Lizard, Bird and Monkey. Hatch your egg anytime to start taking care of your Tezpet. This will be your pet. More Tezpets will be announced!

After hatching the egg into a Baby. You will have a 1 hour time limit to feed the baby. If you don’t feed your Tezpet within the time limit, the Tezpet will get frozen in its current stage. And can be burned for a much lesser reward of $ASH.


3 pieces of food will be needed to feed your pet so it will grow into the next stage. There will be a total of 5 stages for each pet: Baby, Child, Teen, Adult and Old
Each feeding will be 0.33 XTZ. 1 hour time limit before the pet gets frozen in its current stage.


After your Tezpet has reached the end of life you will have a chance to Burn the pet and be rewarded $ASH. With your $ASH coin you will be able to Stake it at crunchy farms for a reward in USDtz!!! Farms will be created on Crunchy network and announcements will be on twitter and telegram. More utilities and options will be announced after first pool is made!

The Team

TezHouse is a NFT and DeFi solution for the Tezos Platform.
Our aim is to introduce Tezos NFT’s and DeFi to people old and new to the crypto community.
We offer a full service one stop shop that can handle the art,
code and project management! We hope you enjoy the Tezpets and rewards!
Thank you and keep and eye out for our next project!


Smart contract developer
Projects: Owlz, NFTButton,
TezosMandala, Tereza and more


Web designer and Developer
Projects: DreamCar,
PixelPanda and more


Project Manager And Artist
Projects: KIX, LIDZ, SKINZ,
DreamCar and Guitarz



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